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January 18, 2023

7 Home Remodeling Trends You’ll Take a Shine to in 2023

Trends in home design always come and go, with some sticking around longer than others. And some styles come back around after a handful of years, while others are a flash in the pan.

Every year sees its share of trends, from contemporary, clean, and minimalist to lived-in, comfy, and inviting. If you’ve been looking for trends that will play a big role in homes across Charlotte (and even the country) this year, get ready for some exciting ideas! The following are the seven top home remodeling trends in 2023.

Home Remodeling Trends in 2023

This year, there are three buzzwords that sum up the biggest design trends for homes:

  • Nostalgic
  • Efficient
  • Detailed

Some of the trends this year center around brand-new looks, and others are throwbacks to trends of yesteryear. The trends we’ve seen firsthand that you’ll want to pay attention to are:

  • Smart home technology
  • Nostalgic spaces
  • Magical mundane
  • Vertically stacked tile
  • Wallpaper
  • Indoor-to-outdoor flow
  • Built-ins

Home remodeling trends in 2023 speak to a wide range of homeowners, renters, landlords, and other property owners in unique ways. Are you looking for more ideas about how to put these top trends into action?

1. Smart Home Technology

Efficiency means saving energy, saving time, and saving money. It’s all about convenience — but without sacrificing sustainability. People want their homes to work as efficiently as possible, so anything from digital shower systems and smart thermostats to personalized bespoke appliances is a go for 2023.

Automation is a big part of the smart home trend, which allows people to control many home aspects through the Internet of Things (IoT). You can now control your washer, dryer, thermostat, sprinklers, lights, sound systems, and more from a single source. 

App-based smart home technology takes this convenient efficiency even further, allowing you to manage your systems and appliances even when you’re away from home.

2. Nostalgic Spaces

home remodeling trends in 2023
A honey-hued hutch, a family heirloom piece of furniture from this kitchen remodel’s client’s great-grandmother has hand-crafted details that are difficult to replicate in modern furniture.

Recent years have seen trends that showcased impeccably clean and spartan homes that resembled sparkling showrooms. But home remodeling trends in 2023 feature the opposite: nostalgic spaces that look inviting and lived-in, complete with plenty of wood features that are full of character and might even have a little light distressing. 

Don’t discount pleated lampshades and curtain tassels, either; these are all part of the grandmillennial nostalgia trend, a warm contrast to the contemporary minimalism seen over the past several years.

ReVision and home remodeling trends
A vintage poster, featuring the gloved hand of Grace Kelly and French champagne L’instant Taittinger, was integrated into this kitchen remodel from the start. It adds a bit of bubbly (pun intended) into this seating area.

3. Adding Magic to the Mundane

A deck skirt is usually something clients pay little attention to. It’s more of an afterthought. In 2023, we are seeing more intention put into these sorts of details. Cedar deck skirting in alternative sizes adds a little extra pizazz to this exterior.

Making the ordinary extraordinary is one of the biggest home remodeling trends in 2023. Instead of hiding essential, functional components of the house, people this year are making them design features. 

The magical mundane might include copper gutters, sinks and bathtubs that look like stepping stones, or full gardens surrounding mailboxes. Going from simple to standout is key in 2023 with tailored designs and details.

4. Vertically-Stacked Tile

The height of this vertical bar backsplash in this basement bar remodel helps protect the wall from sips or stains that may occur when the drinks are flowing. We suggest selecting a material that isn’t porous and is easy to wipe clean.

Another exciting trend this year, gaining momentum quickly, is subway tile placed vertically instead of horizontally for visual interest that is so simple, it’s brilliant! Tiles that are flipped upright really bring the eye upward and work well in a small space, making it appear bigger. Some people go further and use both vertical and horizontal tiles for a dynamic look that really is one of a kind. 

Vertically stacked subway tile is distinct enough from horizontal tile to be noticed — but not so much that it steals the show from other elements. It doesn’t cost a penny more than traditional horizontal tile, either, and is a great use of geometry.

Pro Tip: Choose glossy over matte vertical tile in a small bathroom to add reflection and make a space feel less-closed off.

A play on the straightforward vertically stacked tile, this sage green tile is positioned in a 1/3 offset pattern and draws the eye up while pale pink metallic glass penny tile acts as an unexpected, complimentary accent.

5. Wallpaper

Retro wallpaper makes a big impact in a small space and adds a kitschy touch to this basement powder room.

Wallpaper, you either love it or you hate. Regardless, it is again back in style and leading the home remodeling trends in 2023. From easy-to-clean papers that are ideal for children’s bedrooms to elegant vintage paisley gold foil prints and everything in between, wallpaper options this year are endless and exciting. They’ve come a long with since the Renaissance period when they were first produced by machines.

The wallpaper craze is especially in vogue in small spaces like above wainscoting and in powder rooms. If you’re interested in this trend, consider going with peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s easy to apply and remove, and no messy water or adhesive is required.

home remodeling trends in 2023
Repeating the same wallpaper and trim color ties this mid-century ranches’ two spaces, the mudroom the powder room, together to create visual flow.

Wallpaper not only adds some oomph and personality to any surface, it can also be used to hide any imperfections in walls. If you have small kids or large dogs, commercial grade papers can be especially helpful in hiding dirty hand prints or rub marks in high traffic areas like mudrooms and stairways.

6. Indoor-to-Outdoor Flow

Large windows in this sunroom and placing exterior materials like exposed wooden beams on the interior lends a natural feel to this space, making the clients feel as if they are outside during the colder months. Another inventive way to bring the outside in!

Creating passages that make the transition from the indoors to the outdoors as seamless as possible is one of the bigger home remodeling trends in 2023. 

Bringing the outdoors inside is trendy, and so is making the transition between inside and outside more subtle. Many people are ditching traditional single exterior doors in favor of large sliding glass doors, for example. Merging indoor and outdoor spaces also includes large-scale windows and retractable screen doors.

7. Built-Ins

home remodeling trends in 2023
The dark paint color of these custom built-ins helps them to recede into the wall and offers a dramatic contrast to the lighter colors in the room.

There is a renewed interest in built-ins this year, but today’s are vastly improved over those of previous years. Home remodeling trends in 2023 include much more functional additions, like built-in cabinets and pull-out tables. Built-ins not only add interest to a room but add space and storage. They can be a no-brainer of an addition for a room that you are alway asking yourself how you can improve.

This trend includes built-ins to house the massive screens of modern TVs instead of the entertainment centers that have been popular for decades. Drawers under the lower carriage of a staircase for coats, hats, and umbrellas? Yes, please! And dressing up your built-ins with crown molding and trim? Absolutely.

Here’s a list at a few of the most popular built-in asks we receive at ReVision:

  • Under-stair spaces (think Harry Potter!)
  • Window Benches
  • Built-in desks
  • China Hutches for glassware
  • Built-in shelving
Set against white and gray, the navy blue built-in china cabinet stands out as both a decorative–and functional–focal point.

Ready to Get Started with Home Remodeling Trends in 2023?

If you want to incorporate one of these trends into your Charlotte abode or have another one you’re interested in that isn’t on this list, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to help!