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December 29, 2022

6 Reasons a Double Vanity Bathroom Makes Sharing Bearable

The average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom. That’s a scary thought, isn’t it? And as much as everyone loves to have their personal bathroom sanctuary, sharing is a part of life and something we have to make do with. But it doesn’t have to be miserable. 

If you share a bathroom with other people – whether it be your spouse, your sibling, or your roommate – the least you can do is invest in a double vanity. Here are six reasons a double vanity bathroom makes sharing in your Charlotte bathroom bearable. 

1. More Counter Space

A double vanity top doesn’t just add another sink; it adds a lot more counter space. If you’ve ever found yourself searching for a tiny opening to set down your toiletries, double vanity sinks are for you! Even if you are single and don’t necessarily need a double vanity with extra counter space, it’s a good idea if you ever plan to sell down the road.

With a double vanity bathroom, you can go from no counter space to extra counter space overnight. The extra space frees you up to add decor and totally transform your space just by changing the vanity top.

2. More Storage Space

Have you ever thought to yourself, “My bathroom just has too much storage space”? Probably not. Most people struggle to find enough room to store all of their things and end up with crowded cabinets or closets that won’t close, and piles of expired products that have been lost in the mess. 

Double vanity sinks can more than double your storage space. With one sink, you are left sharing under cabinet storage with another person. With double sinks, you’ll not only have your own sink but your own storage space underneath. There are also several options when it comes to how you want to construct your storage space. You can install full-height door cabinets, drawers, or a combination of both — square footage is your only limit.

3. Share, Don’t Wait

double vanity bathroom

If you have to share a bathroom, you should truly be able to share it, not just wait your turn. With a single sink, it’s nearly impossible for two people to get ready at once. That leaves you watching the clock, waiting for another person to be done. 

Waiting for your turn in the bathroom can be like watching paint dry. With a double vanity bathroom, two people can actually use the bathroom at once. It’s almost like adding a second bathroom to your home at a fraction of the cost!

4. Carve Out Your Own Space

When you have to share a single sink with another person, you’ll never feel like you have your own space. You not only have to share the sink with someone else but the counter and storage space as well. A double vanity bathroom can make that all go away! 

Overnight, you’ll find yourself with your very own space, complete with a sink and more storage space. You can finally organize your side of the vanity exactly how you want it.

5. Improve the Look of Your Bathroom

If you have to share your bathroom, it should at least look good! Upgrading from a single sink to a double vanity can transform the look of your bathroom. Double vanities come in endless designs, colors, and sizes. 

If you want ultra-modern, there’s a double vanity for you. If you are going for traditional, there’s an option on the market. You can even go with a brightly colored vanity set to add a fun element to the space. 

While double vanities can stand as a design element on their own, they also lend themselves to additional bathroom decor. The added counter space can accommodate plants, decorative accessories, candles or creative counter storage solutions for your every day products.

6. Increase Home Value

If you are going to put money into your home, it ought to increase your home value. Whether you are considering selling your home in the near future or not, adding value to your home is never a bad idea. Double vanity sinks are highly sought after and can add significant value to your home

You know what they say – bathrooms and kitchens sell homes! When potential homebuyers are touring a house, they look for both function and beauty in bathrooms. A double vanity bathroom offers both of those things.

Ready to Upgrade Your Bathroom?

If you are ready to design and install your double vanity, the experts at ReVision are ready to help. We can help you select a design that works for you and meets the needs of your unique living situation in your Charlotte home. Contact us today to get started.