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Home Additions: Matching Goals with Design

Each house addition is different—just as each family building a house addition is different from all other families. House additions can be a small project that only takes a couple of weeks or an enormous production that is nearly as big as the main house. It all depends on the needs of your family and your home’s situation. How do you know what kind of addition is right for you? Here are a few house addition ideas about which additions best suit particular needs:



Bump-Outs: When you need more living space on the main floor.

A bump-out hangs new space off of the existing house, usually in the back. Because you don’t need to dig a foundation, bump-outs can be more economical than many other types of additions, although they’re more costly on a per-square-foot basis. You’re limited as to how much space you can add; bump outs can usually only be three feet wide and 10-12 feet long.

What can you do with that space? This kind of addition is ideally suited to adding a tub or shower to a master bathroom, installing a walk-in closet, creating an eat-in area in a kitchen, adding space for a kitchen island, converting a spare bedroom into a family room—or expanding just about any room in the house that could use some more square footage.

Garage Conversions: Flexibility for more storage or hobby spaces.

Converting your garage into living space can be cost effective. The structure already exists, so you just need to add HVAC, sheetrock, and flooring. But garages are often located in out of the way corners of houses—not conveniently close to living space or bedrooms. So, what can you do with a garage conversion? A two-car garage can make a nice studio apartment with its own entrance. Garages are also well-suited to becoming a children’s playroom, home theater, or home office.


Sunrooms: Comfortably enjoy the beauty of nature.

Providing a lot of light and offering plenty of versatility, sunrooms can be added to various parts of your house and can be used for different purposes. Many people see sunrooms as a way to enclose a patio, so they can comfortably enjoy the beauty of nature and the feeling of being outside all year long. Sunrooms also make great playrooms or game rooms for children, home offices, or studios for artists or crafters (who like a lot of light). Alternatively, homeowners can fill them with plants to create a conservatory or install a hot tub for a home spa. You can also use them to extend the living area to create family rooms or spaces for entertaining guests.

House Additions: A blank slate for your unique needs.

A home addition can be just about any addition that doesn’t fit into one of the previous categories. You can enlarge a room, add one or more rooms, or even build a two-story addition. Thus, you can use them for almost any purpose, helping you keep up with your family’s changing needs in your own home— without needing to move. Home additions are frequently used to add a bathroom, master bedroom suite, family room, or home office. Many homeowners add two rooms at a time: for example, a master bedroom and bathroom or a family room and bathroom. Ultimately, the uses of a home addition are limited only by your imagination.

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