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Home Remodeling

Cornelius, along with sister towns, Huntersville and Davidson, is one of three major suburbs located north of Charlotte proper. Its distance from the Queen City is about 20 miles and a 30-minute drive up the interstate. Its main draw is its proximity to Lake Norman, where many people, whether from Charlotte or out of town, choose to spend their spring and summer days. Relocating to Cornelius is popular for the obvious beauty of Lake Norman (it sits on the southeastern corner of the lake) but also because of its real estate affordability.

Established in 1905 as “Liverpool” and thereafter renamed Cornelius to honor Joseph Benjamin Cornelius, Cornelius is one of our favorite locations to remodel because many of the properties happen to be lakefront. It’s a great location for growing families and retirees alike. Cornelius home remodeling is on the upswing so it’s key to take advantage of all they have to offer before it becomes too densely populated.

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Cornelius Home Remodeling & Design

While ReVision’s design studio is located in South End, Charlotte, it prides itself on 17 years of accommodating the suburbs of the metropolitan area. For many years, Cornelius Home Remodeling has been at the top of our desired projects for both the location and the wonderful people that reside there. We are committed to offering the best home remodeling service to all Cornelius residents.

Popular Cornelius Home
Remodeling Projects

Embarking on a home remodeling project can be unnerving, given the amount of unknowns and especially if you don’t have a background in home design. ReVision is here to calm you, assuage any fears, and offer guidance. It’s a simpler, more straightforward process than you may think and the end result, your newly designed home or room, will be proof it’s worth it.

ReVision has 17 full years of Cornelius home remodeling experience and has encountered every type of home–shape, style, configuration, you name it. We are excited to begin this journey alongside you and offer the best of the best in home remodeling.

Cornelius Remodeling
Main Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

We will help you build a luxurious oasis for soaking, showering, and pampering. 

modern vanity design

Cornelius Remodeling

Kitchens get a lot of use–you do eat three meals a day after all. ReVision can provide the necessary updates to make sure your kitchen functions at its best.

Cornelius Remodeling
Additions and Exteriors

Curb appeal is a real thing and matters much when selling a house. From outdoor patios to front porches, we are here to help make these projects your favorite of the whole house!

mid-century ranch home remodel
Stalling Remodeling Home

Cornelius Remodeling
Whole Homes

There’s a solid chance you want to remodel more than one room at a time. No sweat. Whatever your Cornelius home remodeling needs, we can make it happen.

Cornelius Remodeling
Other Spaces

Laundry rooms, garages, games rooms, or any sort of room, we can do it. Whatever your Cornelius home needs, we are up to the task.

mooresville home remodeling

Popular Cornelius Design
Remodeling Projects

Cornelius Remodeling

How do you figure out budget range for my Cornelius project?

Our focus is always centered on helping you make informed decisions about your remodeling project. At the beginning of our process, we will develop a budget range that we believe your project will fall within. The budget range is based on many factors such as the age and condition of your home, the scope of work you want us to include, and the decisions we’ll help you make about the level of materials you will select. We also factor in our history with projects similar to yours and current market conditions.

How are changes handled after signing a contract?

Anytime there are additions or deletions to the scope of work that was in the original Cornelius home remodeling contract, we provide you with a written contract addendum that will include a description of the change and the corresponding cost or credit.

What type of warranty do you provide for your Cornelius Home Remodeling services?

All of our workmanship comes with a 2-year warranty. Product warranties from each individual product we provide and install will range depending on the manufacturer.

Who installs my kitchen appliances?

This will vary depending on the appliance you select. Our permitting and licensing require that we provide all of the connections needed for your appliances and that we install those that have hard connections such as gas or plumbing lines. Larger appliances and professional-grade appliances should be installed only by manufacturer authorized and trained specialists. 

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