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Whole Home Remodel
So You’re Interested In a Whole Home Remodel…

Maybe you’ve been in your current home for years, making do with a space that doesn’t quite feel like you. Or perhaps you and your family have just relocated to a lovely new Charlotte neighborhood, but the property itself leaves something to be desired. Don’t worry, another move does not have to be in your future. The best forever homes are made, not bought. 

What’s Considered a ‘Whole Home Remodel?'

First things first, what constitutes a ‘whole home remodel?’ To us, this process goes beyond just a renovation–it’s a transformation of every aspect of your home that isn’t currently working for you. It means gutting and redesigning the closed-off kitchen you hate, taking down walls to open up sightlines to your living room, bringing all your bathrooms into the 21st century, and even giving that bland bonus room a purpose. Essentially, any renovation of most of your living space is a whole home remodel in our book.

Why Bite Off So Much At Once?

A renovation always brings some level of hassle or disrupts your routine to some degree. So if you know you’ll want to renovate your guest bathroom down the line, why not knock it out at the same time as your primary? Maximize the transformation, while minimizing the amount of separate renovations. Then, once the construction crews leave, you’ll be free to return to your regularly scheduled programming in a home that feels cohesive, new, and just like what you wanted.

If for some reason, you do decide to sell your home years from now, you can guarantee your whole home remodel will pay off. The changes you make to update your home will wow prospective buyers and bring you a higher selling price than you could otherwise expect.

View Our Projects
Charlotte NC whole home Remodels

We’ve completed a lot of whole home remodels in our time. Take a look at this collection of whole home remodels in or around Charlotte, NC, to see what inspires you.

What It’s Like Working With ReVision Design/Remodeling

Whole Home vs. Single Room Remodels

If you know you want to remodel multiple rooms in your home, but can’t decide whether or not you want us to tackle them all at once, here are a few factors you should consider:

While single room remodels are relegated to specific areas, a whole home remodel has the potential to touch every corner of your home. You have to be prepared to have contractors and workers move through your space, and understand that the end product will be worth it.

How much are you looking to invest? Is this something you’ve been saving for over time, or a smaller project you’re looking to tackle with this year’s bonus? If it’s the former, let’s have a conversation to jumpstart your dream home. If it’s the latter, we can help you bring your overall vision to life, one space at a time.

Tackling a whole home remodel all at once, as opposed to multiple single space projects at differing times, does offer efficiencies from a construction and scheduling standpoint. For example, our demo crew will demo all of the spaces we’re working on at once, our electrician will come in and do all of their rough ins for the whole project at one time, etc. County inspections are also streamlined during a whole home remodel.

With that being said, more spaces to update and redesign means a longer upfront timeline. We do our best to move through your remodel efficiently so that you can go back to your normal routine (with an upgraded home) ASAP.

While you’ll be able to continue living in your home during a bathroom remodel, a whole home remodel may require you to temporarily move into another space. The potential cost of temporary living arrangements is definitely something you’ll want to factor into your overall budget.

We try our best to plan for the unexpected, but the scale of your contingency plan will depend on the scale of your remodel.  Whole home remodels typically necessitate more comprehensive contingency plans compared to single room projects. We’ll have conversations with you regarding construction duration so you can properly plan when the time comes.

This sphere can get confusing fast but don’t worry. Permits and regulations are our domain as your design/build firm. That said, whole home remodels sometimes involve a bit more paperwork. Bear with us, and we promise it’ll all pay off in the end. When you’re cooking in your brand-new chef’s kitchen or swinging on your new front porch, compliance measures will be a distant memory.

Here Are 5 Next Steps to Get You Started:

Living Room: Transform your den into a living, breathing room! We often tear down walls and add cozy fireplaces and custom cabinet built-ins to bring these gathering rooms up to speed.

Home Office: Even a small change to your office can give your workday a boost. Making use of natural light is a big part of the equation when we consider how to renovate an office. 

Primary Bedroom: Upgrade your old-school bedroom into a contemporary one. It will become a perfect retreat and add value to your home should you choose to sell it.

Powder Room: Accent wallpaper or geometric tile can often help put the “pow” in powder room. These small but mighty rooms are some of our favorite to make over.

Dining Room: If you’re realizing that your dining room is collecting dust and essentially becoming a waste of space, it might be time to reinvigorate. Perhaps some wainscoting and new flooring will do the trick.

Mudroom: Having a designated area for items that are frequently used (shoes, backpacks, car keys) can help streamline your routine and keep your space clutter-free.

Laundry Room: Think vertical when it comes to laundry rooms. You’ll be washing, rinsing, and repeating often so maximizing storage and considering functionality are key.

Basement: Why leave your basement space just sitting idle when it has the potential to become a new room entirety? A basement remodel is an easy way to add square footage.

Home Theater: Whether attic, basement, or guest bedroom, we can easily convert those unused rooms into a home theater with an immersive audio and video experience.