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Frequently Asked
Remodeling Questions

Remodeling your home is a big commitment in both your time and your resources, so it’s only natural that you have questions – you should! We’ve compiled this list and included some additional resources to get you the answers to your most frequently asked remodeling questions as quickly as possible.



Design & Materials

Kitchen Remodeling

Additions & Exterior Projects


Project Timing



Q: How long has ReVision Design/Remodeling been in business in Charlotte?

A: We’ve been in business in Charlotte since 2005 and have developed a reputation as one of the Queen City’s leading design/build remodeling firms. After 16 years we rebranded as Revision Design/Remodeling of Charlotte to position ourselves with a name that more accurately reflects the work we do.

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Q: What sets ReVision Design/Remodeling apart from other design/build firms?

A: At ReVision Design/Remodeling our focus is on you. We collaborate with you to design and remodel your spaces to fit the way that you live and show off your unique style. Inspiration comes from many sources, and we’ll meet you wherever you’re at in the process of designing a home you love. To achieve this, we’ll guide you through a process we’ve been honing since 2005. With the addition of our unique South End Design Studio in 2020, we now have a place designed specifically for residential design/build remodeling.

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Q: What is the difference between a design/build remodeling company versus an architect and a general contractor?

A: As a design/build remodeling firm, ReVision provides design services for all of the projects that we intend to construct for you. Our in-house team of Project Developers, Designers, and Project Managers collaborate to provide a seamless flow of the entire remodeling process, so hiring an outside designer or architect isn’t necessary. However, if you already have an architect or interior designer that you would like to work with, we’re more than happy to collaborate.

Q: What type of warranty do you provide?

A: All of our workmanship comes with a 2-year warranty. Product warranties from each individual product we provide and install will range depending on the manufacturer.


Q: I have several projects and I’m not sure where to start. How do I figure that out?

A: We can help you prioritize and give advice on sequencing. We’ll also look at which areas should be grouped together to maximize your budget and efficiency and minimize disruption. For example, you typically wouldn’t want to remodel your kitchen without also committing to refinishing all of your hardwood flooring at the same time. 

Q: What’s your typical project size?

A: Most of our projects are in the $100,000 to $500,000 range and involve multiple areas of the home, but we take on projects of various sizes.

Q: Should I remodel my existing home or move?

A: This is a very personal question that depends on your specific circumstances, but it’s one we get often. This blog post offers several factors to consider while deciding what’s best for your family.

Q: I am getting older, but don’t want to move out of my house, can you help?

A: Our NKBA certified designers understand universal design principles and will make design suggestions for you to age-in-place safely without sacrificing the style you love.

Q: Do I have to move out during construction?

A: This really depends on the scope of work and your tolerance for disruption. Most of our clients remain in their home during construction unless we’re remodeling the whole house. If hardwood floors are being refinished as part of your project, you will need to stay out of the home for about a week. Many of our clients plan family vacations during that time.

Design & Materials

Q: Do I need to hire an architect?

A: Nope! We have a great team of both in-house and independent designers and engineers that we collaborate with to provide detailed construction plans. If, however we determine that your project scope lends itself to something that does require a professional architect, we have several we can recommend and work with.

Q: What if I already have architectural plans?

A: Great! For exterior projects, we may be able to build off of them after verifying them in the field. For interior projects, especially anything with cabinetry, we’ll take care of all of the detailed drawings and material procurement.

Q: Can I bring my interior designer?

A: Sure! Our design team is happy to collaborate with your interior designer. We’ll still take care of all of the drawings and material procurement, but having someone else help you with material selections is welcomed. This is especially helpful if your interior designer is also helping you with furnishings and window coverings since we do not provide those services.

Q: I’m overwhelmed! How do I decide what products and finishes to pick for my project?

A: We’ve got you covered! Our goal is to make the selection process as efficient and simple as possible. We’ll start by providing you with some guided questions that will help us understand your style and needs. We’ll also look at your existing space to determine the proper scaling of our proposed designs. Once we have some conceptual renderings put together, we’ll begin curating samples to review with you at our Design Studio. Most of our selections can be done right in our studio, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a field trip to other Charlotte area showrooms. 

Q: How do you decide what materials to show me?

A: Our design team takes this very seriously. Every project and every client is unique, and we collaborate with you to curate a collection of materials we believe will fit your preferences and your home’s aesthetic. It all starts with meeting you wherever you currently are with your decision making. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea where to start, we can curate all of the materials needed to bring your project to life.

Q: Can I provide my own materials?

A: Many times, our clients will provide their own appliances, decorative lighting, and/or bathroom mirrors that we will then install. We have learned that in order for us to provide the most efficient construction experience, we need to be responsible for supplying all of the other materials needed to complete your project.

Q: What is the typical design process like? Where do I go to view and select things like cabinets, countertops, tile, and plumbing fixtures?

A: We’ve got you covered! Our in-house designers will guide you through the kitchen and bathroom remodeling selection process at our Charlotte Design Studio. There you’ll be able to try out a wide range of cabinet options, view the most up-to-date design features, and select from the most popular material options. We cover most of the bases in one location, but sometimes a field trip to specialty vendors throughout the Charlotte area is necessary.

Q: How do you charge for design?

A: The cost for design is included with the budget we develop for your project. We don’t charge separately for design and we only do design work for remodeling projects we intend to build. 

Q: How do you decide on a layout or floorplan?

A: Many times, a project will lend itself to more than one option when it comes to finding the best layout or floorplan. That’s why we normally like to start by rendering two or three conceptual options to show you first. Based on your feedback and input from other members of our staff, we refine the layout and convert the renderings into detailed construction drawings.

Q: Can you help me choose furniture and art for my home?

A: While we thank you for the compliment, we do not offer interior design services. We’d be happy to refer you to a local interior designer if we think it would be a good fit.

Q: I have someone else that can do the construction. Can you provide just the design services?

A: At this time, we only provide design services for projects we intend to build. Our designs and plans cannot be transferred or relied upon for construction by other parties.

Kitchen Remodeling

Q: When do I need to choose kitchen appliances?

A: Kitchen appliance specifications are critical to the design. Choosing them during the early weeks of the design phase will be most helpful in sticking to the project timeline. To make appliance selection as easy and efficient as possible, we created a free Kitchen Appliance Shopping Guide. Download your copy here to get a head start on your kitchen remodel.

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Q: Who installs my kitchen appliances?

A: This will vary depending on the appliance you select. Our permitting and licensing requires that we provide all of the connections needed for your appliances, and that we install those that have hard connections such as gas or plumbing lines. Larger appliances and professional grade appliances should be installed only by manufacturer authorized and trained specialists. 

Q: Can I remove walls to open up my kitchen?

A: Yes! Almost all of our kitchen remodeling projects include the reconfiguration or removal of walls or columns to create a more open floor plan. 

Additions & Exterior Projects

Q: Can I build an addition or garage with siding on it if I have a brick house?

A: When it comes to making decisions about exterior cladding in Charlotte, we look at all options with design and budget in mind. Depending on your particular home’s style, siding most, or all, of an addition or garage may be the best option. Other factors include HOA or Historic District requirements.

Q: Can I put a room or apartment over my garage?

A: In many cases, yes. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) have grown in popularity in Charlotte. We first need to determine a design based on the space you have available. From there, we’ll work through other discovery processes such as Charlotte zoning restrictions, structural implications, and mechanical requirements. Our blog post What You Should Know Before Building an ADU goes into more detail.

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Q: Can I add an in-law suite or apartment in my basement/lower level?

A: Basements do provide potential for adding a separate living space. We are experienced in looking at all factors to determine the best approach. Common challenges such as ceiling height, space for ductwork and plumbing, and access to the exterior can be overcome with proper planning.


Q: How much do your projects cost?

A: All of our projects are customized to fit the specific needs of each client and the home they live in, so answering this question accurately requires the consideration of many variables. Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling costs vary greatly depending the age and condition of your home. Kitchen and bathroom materials that you select will also greatly impact the cost. An online search for “how much should I spend on my bathroom remodel?” or “how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Charlotte, NC?” may not provide the whole picture when it comes to determining how much you should expect to spend. Instead, we invite you to contact us for a conversation about a customized budget range for your Charlotte kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling project.

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Q: What’s included in my project cost?

A: Our goal is to customize a remodeling contract that serves your needs and includes everything necessary to ensure an excellent remodeling experience. Generally, our contracts include all design work, permitting, materials and labor needed for your project. Some exceptions may be your kitchen appliances, decorative lighting, demolition, or painting if you choose to handle those on your own. We do not include the cost of concealed conditions such as poor soil conditions, structural deficiencies uncovered by our work, or any other circumstance that was not reasonably discoverable in the evaluation and planning process.

Q: How do you figure out the budget range for my project?

A: Our focus is always centered on helping you make informed decisions about your remodeling project. In the beginning of our process we will develop a budget range that we believe your project will fall within. The budget range is based on many factors such as the age and condition of your home, the scope of work you want us to include, and the decisions we’ll help you make about the level of materials you will select. We also factor in our history with projects similar to yours and current market conditions.

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Q: How do you decide where my money will be budgeted?

A: Generally speaking, we suggest that you invest in higher quality materials for the things that get the most use. For example, kitchen cabinets and faucets get opened and closed or turned on and off dozens of times every day, so investing more on those items than on your backsplash tile makes sense. That being said, you may want a very specific focal point (like one-of-a-kind quartzite countertops or a custom floating hood). If so, we allocate more resources to the areas that are most important to you, while also suggesting ways that you can still get great products at a better value in other less important areas. 

Q: Does the budget range include kitchen appliances?

A: Appliance costs are typically not included in the kitchen remodeling budget ranges we develop for you. However, we are happy to recommend an appliance vendor and offer assistance in choosing which ones will best suit the size of your kitchen and your lifestyle. Our production team will also coordinate delivery and installation during construction. We know that kitchen appliance decisions can be confusing, so we created a Kitchen Appliance Shopping Guide that’ll get you started in the right direction. Download your free copy here.

Q: How much should I factor in for cost overages and change orders that may come up during my remodeling project?

A: Our process is designed to include all predictable costs. This is part of the reason why we try to avoid lots of “allowances” for products such as tile and cabinetry. We would rather take the time to make all of the material decisions up front so that you know your true cost before committing to a contract. That way we limit cost overages and change orders only to concealed conditions (we uncover things that require repair that were not included) or things you choose to add to the scope of work after we’ve started. 

Q: How are changes handled after contract signing?

A: Anytime there are additions or deletions to the scope of work that was in the original contract, we provide you with a written contract addendum that will include a description of the change and the corresponding cost or credit.

Q: Do you offer in-house financing?

A: No. We can refer you to our local bank partners here in Charlotte that can provide you with options for how to finance your remodeling project. 

Q: How will this project affect my resale value? Or which projects are best for resale?

A: Most Charlotte area home shoppers will focus on three things when looking at a prospective home: the front of the house (curb appeal), the size and condition of the kitchen, and the size and condition of the bathrooms. Updates to all of these areas will have the best impact on your resale value.

Q: What is your payment schedule?

A: To begin designing the home of your dreams, a deposit is due upon signing the Planning Agreement. This just lets us know you’re truly invested in the project and it will be credited toward the final, fixed contract price. The next payment is due upon contract signing after your design and materials selections are finalized. This allows us to begin ordering cabinetry and other materials. Additional payments will be due at specific progress points throughout construction, as outlined and agreed upon in your fixed price contract. 

Project Timing

Q: How quickly can we start?

A: The time it takes from our first phone call to demolition day varies considerably based on the scope of work, your availability for meetings, your ability to make decisions, and our current pipeline. If you have a specific start date in mind, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll work backwards to create a timeline for your project. 

Q: How long does construction last?

A: We’ll provide general expectations on timing once we have a firm idea of the scope and size of your project. Generally, kitchens and bathrooms will take 5 – 10 weeks.  Whole house renovations, additions and basements can run anywhere between two months and six months. Outdoor living projects average around one to three months. 

Q: Can I phase my project?

A:  Yes. Phasing can be done to minimize disruption to certain areas of your home if you intend to remain living in the home while we’re working. 

Q: How much of my time is required throughout the design and construction process?

A: Ultimately, this is up to you. We have some clients that lean on our team for nearly all of the decision making and guidance. On the other end of the spectrum, we have some clients that are heavily involved in every detail. Generally, the biggest time commitment is in the planning and development stages when we’re needing your review and approval of plans and specifications. During construction we’ll maintain communication with you to keep you up-to-date on progress and we’ll always be accessible for any questions you have along the way.


Q: What does my project team look like/who will be involved?

A: Every project will have a dedicated Project Developer, Designer, and Project Manager.

Q: What does your in-house construction team do and who manages my project?

A: Most of the fine carpentry and cabinet work is done by our in-house craftsmen. A dedicated Project Manager will manage the work of our in-house craftsmen and sub-contractors. You’ll have frequent and direct communication with the ReVision construction team from start to finish.

Q: Do you use your own crews or do you use subcontractors?

A: Both. Most all of the fine carpentry and cabinet work is done by our in-house craftsmen.  Other parts of our projects are best suited for specialists that are equipped, licensed, and trained for their area of expertise. In all cases, the work is managed by our in-house Project Managers and Lead Craftsmen.

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