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Home Remodeling

A close neighbor to Charlotte, Mooresville, North Carolina, has just about everything you could ask forunique local restaurants and boutiques, a charming downtown, and a family-friendly feel. Although Mooresville is sometimes known as “Race City USA” for its NASCAR roots, residents and visitors are usually in no rush to leave. That’s why when locals come to us with their Mooresville home remodeling projects, we are more than happy to help!

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Mooresville Home Remodeling & Design

For almost twenty years, ReVision has been remodeling homes in the Charlotte area. We love redesigning houses in the Mooresville region in particular, so that you can stay put in this beautiful location without compromising on your vision for your forever home.

We collaborate with you closely to bring this vision to fruition. Our talented team will work with you every step of the way to upgrade your space. When it comes to Mooresville Home Remodeling, we aim to please, but more importantly, to exceed your expectations.

Popular Mooresville Home
Remodeling Projects

Few people actually get to move into a house that fulfills every single item on their wishlist. But just because you had to make concessions during your home purchasing journey, does not mean you have to live with these compromises forever. A home remodel with us is your ticket to your ideal space. Our passion is turning your concept into a reality. Picture yourself enjoying and maximizing each of your spaces. Having trouble believing it’s possible? We’re here to walk you through the process step-by-step.

We have refined our ReVision’s methodology just for such a purpose. We would be delighted to assist with your Mooresville home remodeling.

Mooresville Home Remodeling
Main Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Your bathroom should be a retreat, not an eyesore. Let us transform your bathroom or powder room into a luxurious space where you can relax and take a moment for yourself.

mooresville home remodeling
mooresville home remodeling

Mooresville Home Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home—it’s where you gather, create, and break bread. So your kitchen should be a space that inspires joy and functions excellently. Let us help you craft the perfect space for all your special moments.

Mooresville Home Remodeling
Additions and Exteriors

Connect to the outdoors without leaving your home with valuable additions like screened-in porches and covered patios. We’d love to take on all your Mooresville exterior renovations.

mooresville home remodeling
mooresville home remodel

Mooresville Home Remodeling
Whole Homes

Most likely, you’ll want to revamp more than one room at a time to give your home a perfectly cohesive vibe. No problem. We’re happy to transform your entire Mooresville home from top to bottom!

Mooresville Home Remodeling
Other Spaces

Take advantage of your unused attic, overhaul your garage, or add on a home office. Whatever you have in mind for your Mooresville home, we’re up for the challenge.

mooresville home remodeling

Popular ReVision Design
Mooresville Remodeling Projects

Mooresville Remodeling

Do I have to move out of my Mooresville home during construction?

This really depends on the scope of work and your tolerance for disruption. Most of our clients remain in their home during construction unless we’re remodeling the whole house. If hardwood floors are being refinished as part of your project, you will need to stay out of the home for about a week. Many of our clients plan family vacations during that time.

How do you decide on a layout or floorplan?

Many times, a project will lend itself to more than one option when it comes to finding the best layout or floorplan. That’s why we normally like to start by rendering two or three conceptual options to show you first. Based on your feedback and input from other members of our staff, we refine the layout and convert the renderings into detailed construction drawings for your Mooresville home remodeling project.

What does my Mooresville project team look like/who will be involved?

Every project will have a dedicated Project Developer, Designer, and Project Manager.

Do you do outdoor living spaces and porch projects?

Yes! We love designing and building patios, decks, screened porches, front porches, porticos, and outdoor kitchens for Mooresville homes.

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