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South End Condo Kitchen Remodel

South End Condo Kitchen Remodel

On the first day this couple met their ReVision designer, they immediately bonded over Star Wars and The Adventures of Tintin, specifically the episode where Tintin goes to outer space. Since that first meeting, they worked together to create a bright, modern, dramatic refuge inside their twenty-first-floor condo overlooking South End, Charlotte. Traditional elements were replaced with contemporary, contrasting finishes, pulling inspiration from cinematic space travel for this condo kitchen remodel. We paired high gloss white and cloud gray kitchen cabinets with matte black cabinet hardware. Saturated paint colors in the private areas stand out next to the softer white walls of the common areas, and charcoal doors create a backdrop for the polished chrome door hardware to shine. Everything is an exploration between light and dark.

Spaces Included:

South End, Charlotte


Kitchens, Bathrooms, Other Spaces

Project Scope:

Pull & Replace


A dramatic and fluid wallpaper mural was chosen as the background for the condo’s kitchen remodel in keeping with high contrast finishes. It’s the first thing guests notice (besides the incredible view), and the bright swirls of blue make it easy to see why. The warmth from the copper-toned glass backsplash tiles and globe pendant lights keep this condo kitchen from feeling too cold.

We replaced the bathtub with a deeper model with cleaner lines in the guest bathroom, and the plumbing moved to the back wall, just below an easy-to-reach shampoo niche. Metallic navy beveled glass tile set in a grid pattern up to the ceiling completes the modernization of this small bathroom, proving you don’t need to travel to outer space to change the vibe of your current space.

Condo Remodeling Challenges

Remodeling your Charlotte condo is easy with an experienced, commercially licensed general contractor like ReVision Design & Remodeling. There are different code, plan, and procedural requirements due to the multi-family nature of condominiums (high rise or otherwise). These differences make the condo remodeling process a little different from a single-family home, but an experienced design-build contractor will keep you informed about what’s required and any limitations you may face.

Challenges to consider during the design phase of your condo remodel include: Working within the size constraints of the elevators, especially in regards to countertops, larger cabinetry pieces, and kitchen appliances; limited footprint modifications due to mechanical services embedded in concrete, and modifications to any common wall areas due to fire codes. Knowing your limitations upfront will make the design process smoother and much more enjoyable.

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