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Farmhouse Industrial Whole House Renovation

Farmhouse Industrial Whole House Renovation

This whole house renovation began with several key improvements: to free up traffic flow, better utilize storage space and create more harmony from room to room, but to pull it off required reconfiguring the whole space. We were able to maintain a semi-open floor plan with better flow and distinctive areas by relocating the laundry room, powder room, and pantry to achieve the desired functionality. What used to be a cramped laundry room off the kitchen, is now a hidden walk-in pantry. We designed the pantry with counter space and outlets to provide a secondary workspace without having to haul small appliances out into the main kitchen. The pantry is hidden by false cabinet fronts to maintain a semi-symmetrical look with the dry goods pantry cabinet next to the refrigerator. Double kitchen islands with two sinks provide separate zones for entertaining, prepping, and clean-up space, without interrupting the new traffic pattern.

Spaces Included:

Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Whole House


Mt. Pleasant, NC

Project Scope:

Custom Redesign



When space allows, two islands can function really well for dividing up the kitchen into easily manageable zones.


Since the majority of the counter space in this kitchen is on the islands, there wasn’t a place to store frequently used small appliances without creating clutter. Serving pieces, bulkier items, and countertop appliances were permanently relegated to the hidden walk-in pantry where they can live out their days thanks to the walnut countertop and receptacles.


A larger laundry room was a critical design component of this whole home renovation. Repeating the same materials and colors as the kitchen cabinets creates continuity from one room to the other.

Custom cabinet doors hide the laundry room turned walk-in pantry.


While maintaining a wall between the family room and kitchen was critical for the design, creating a second opening greatly improved the traffic between the two spaces.


Laundry Room Relocation

Since this family was desperate for a larger laundry room, they were willing to give up the original powder room as part of the floor plan reconfiguration. White shaker cabinets with black leathered granite countertops repeat the casual farmhouse aesthetic from the kitchen redesign. A slightly industrial, modern vanity takes center stage in the new powder room. Pairing it with the traditional octagon and dot mosaic floor tile helps it from feeling too modern for this farmhouse.

Finding ways to coordinate our clients’ varying styles was challenging, but by using simple materials and repeating the color palette and textures from room to room, we were able to blend each part of this whole home renovation together harmoniously.

farmhouse-renovation-before farmhouse-renovation