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Kitchen Remodel in SouthPark Charlotte

Kitchen Remodel in SouthPark Charlotte

This growing family had many goals for their new kitchen, but a large, linear island with extra storage and seating as well as kitchen island placement was the most important. It was so important in fact, that the entire kitchen plan was designed around the island countertop. Typically, kitchen designs start with space planning, and materials are specified once the design is finalized, but in this case, the finished size of the island was going to be determined by the size of the countertop. To eliminate the need for an undesirable seam in the island, our design team suggested a specific brand of quartz countertops whose slabs are significantly larger than other brands. By working backward and choosing the island slab first, it allowed us to determine the finished island size so we’d know how much space was left to work with.

Spaces Included:



Selwyn Park, Charlotte

Project Scope:

Pull & Replace


The other factor that really pushed the creativity of this kitchen remodel in Charlotte NC was their level of investment. They wanted some specific features that required customization to best meet their family’s needs, but they also had a very specific budget we needed to work within. When clients have a specific budget in mind for their kitchen remodel, it’s much easier to design for their needs. It lets us better plan ahead of time where to spend more or less based on their preferences. By being intentional about the materials specified throughout this kitchen and only splurging on the things that mattered the most to our clients (for example, the custom green cabinetry) it allowed us to trim some cost across many areas without sacrificing their most important goals or the overall aesthetic they desired.

Some of the ways we were able to keep them within their budget were to keep the appliances in as close to the same locations as possible, refinish the existing floors, and mixing two different cabinet lines. Keeping the appliances in the same locations eliminated the need for extra electrical or mechanical work. The new kitchen island covered most of the footprint left by the former angled island, which minimized the amount of floor patching needed prior to refinishing the hardwoods. While unconventional, mixing two complementary cabinet lines with similar construction methods and matching door styles was a great way to ensure the customization they needed where they needed it (the island and range wall), without overspending where they didn’t (the refrigerator wall). Finishing the wall cabinets before the ceiling was another way to keep the cost in check, and due to the generous square footage of their kitchen, they didn’t need the extra storage space anyway.
Full-height door base cabinets with touch latches along the back of the island provide additional hidden storage for small appliances.
Large format porcelain tile behind the range top lends an elegant and dramatic contrast against the dark green cabinets with several benefits: The non-porous nature of porcelain paired with fewer grout joints make it easy to clean, and at a fraction of the cost of a marble slab, this family didn’t have to sacrifice the style they desired to maintain their budget.
The neutral, but warm palette of white, dark green, gray and brushed brass bring personality to this large kitchen.

Storing the microwave out of sight was high on this family’s must-haves. We explored several different solutions before deciding on a convenient, counter-height appliance garage with a lift-up door to keep it hidden.

With another baby arriving just as the kitchen remodel was complete, this couple was desperate for a place where all the baby bottles and accessories could dry out of sight. This metal drying rack next to the sink keeps them off the counter.
A marble and antique mirrored chevron mosaic tile backsplash was selected to add interest to the drop zone. Using higher cost materials in small quantities is an effective way to add splashes of style without overspending.

Proportion is the Secret
to Large Kitchens

This kitchen in Selwyn Park is much larger than it appears, but the scale of the professional appliances matches the proportions of the space, tricking your eye into thinking this is an average-sized kitchen. Both the range top and integrated refrigeration columns are 48 inches wide.

To keep cabinet costs in the budget, the wall cabinets stop short of the ceiling. This helped to create the low, horizontal aesthetic that’s repeated in the custom hood, the stacked backsplash tile, and the ten-foot-long island. By emphasizing the horizontal lines instead of the vertical lines and ceiling height, the kitchen feels even larger in person. It also prevents the cabinetry from becoming visually heavy and obtrusive, which is always a concern when using a dark color.

kitchen-island-placement kitchen-island-placement