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Luxury Condo Bathroom Renovation

While this luxury condo in the heart of Myers Park came fully loaded with all the amenities befitting the penthouse, it was time to improve the main bathroom to reflect this couples’ more refined aesthetic. It had been a sea of beige travertine tile, which, while popular in the mid 2000s, left this space feeling tired and a little dingy. The dated and bulky jetted tub and surrounding tub deck had to go to make space for a new freestanding tub with more sculptural details. Centered with the bathroom door, the bathtub was the focal point of the entire space, so upgrading to a more elegant model elevated the look of the entire space.
Spaces Included:
Myers Park, Charlotte
Project Scope:
Pull & Replace

For this condo renovation, to keep the bathtub functional for occasional use, a thin marble ledge was built out underneath the windows to store candles, soaps, loofahs, and bath salts within easy reach. The other feature high on the demolition list was the clear glass water closet opposite the shower. While we assume that it was built to offer symmetry with the glass shower enclosure the complete lack of privacy from the rest of the bathroom made it a useless (albeit slightly humorous) eye sore for anyone looking at it.

Matching vanities with furniture styling, additional linen storage, heated floors, and luxurious finishes were also important features and desires we were tasked with incorporating into the new design. Light, timeless, natural marble tile, quartzite countertops and polished nickel plumbing fixtures maintain a high-end aesthetic in keeping with the value of their condo, and their personal taste.

Due to the challenges and restrictions in condo construction, all of the original plumbing locations had to remain in their current positions. Luckily, the symmetrical floor plan functioned well for this couple, so keeping everything in the same locations didn’t require a sacrifice as far as the design was concerned.

To begin this bathroom condo renovation, The dated, dropped soffits over the vanities were removed to open up the ceiling as much as possible, and to simplify the architectural details of the space. The barrel vault down the center of the bathroom remained, but the lighting was updated from a crystal chandelier to a more modern drum shade with cleaner lines, that repeat in the wall sconces flanking the framed mirrors at each vanity.

Separate vanities, each with their own storage tower for linens and toiletries, give this couple plenty of individual storage space and elbow room when they’re getting ready for the day.
Wall mounted faucets introduce a slightly more modern look to this classic condo bathroom (and make wiping water spots off the counter easier). The gray stain on the wood vanities contrasts with the lighter finishes throughout, adding interest and emphasis to the darker veins in the quartzite countertops.
The bathtub remains the focal point of the bathroom, but the updated, freestanding design with crisp details inspired by decorative molding adds an elegant, sculptural effect.
The traditional brick pattern of the marble shower wall tile is repeated in the wainscotting behind the tub. Mitering the quartzite for the shower bench and curb creates a cleaner look and gives the illusion that it’s all made from a solid piece of stone.

Repetition Creates
a Cohesive Design

The repetition of squares and crisp, rectangular shapes through this luxurious condo bathroom make it feel up to date despite the use of traditional materials and finishes such as marble and polished nickel. The rectangular motif is repeated in the mosaic tile floor, the lines of the freestanding bathtub, the escutcheons of the plumbing fixtures, the cabinet doors and the lines of the decorative wall sconces. Repeating similar design elements has a unifying effect that brings various materials together in a harmonizing way without having to repeat them in a literal way.


This couple now fully enjoys their new bathroom condo renovation.

condo_bathroom_renovation_before condo_bathroom_renovation_light_fixture