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Natural Wood Inspired Porch

Natural Wood Inspired Porch

Instead of serving as a distinguished accent to the home, the crepe myrtle in front of this house was more of a shield due to its surroundings; nondescript shrubbery that hindered its true radiance and impact on the landscape.

These homeowners knew that a fresh landscape along with adding natural woods to a new porch would let the tree shine in its full glory.

With the included natural woods complimenting the majestic tree, a harmonious composition was created–leaving the homeowners and the rest of the neighborhood feeling as if the tree was nestled among like-minded companions

Spaces Included:

Denver, NC


Front Porch

Project Scope:

Custom Redesign


Keeping Natural, Natural

This front porch project utilized natural cedar wood planks, beams, and columns to enrich architectural elements and seamlessly blend with existing landscaping. Carefully positioned skylights, influenced by a sun study, flood the interior with natural daylight, artfully interacting with the front windows.

Complemented by new lighting, brickwork, and a garage door upgrade, the project not only elevated curb appeal but also established a unique ambiance. This undertaking exemplifies a harmonious integration of aesthetics and practicality, crafting a front porch that exudes a modern yet enduring charm.

Before & After 

before-2 contemporary-ranch-home-with-front-porch