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Wilmore Townhome Remodel

Wilmore Townhome Remodel

Townhomes aren’t necessarily known for being spacious, and this townhome in Wilmore was no exception. This young couple initially reached out to us for help redesigning their kitchen. The following year we tackled their main bathroom. Since the kitchen and bathroom were both tiny spaces to begin with, maximizing functional storage within the existing footprint was their priority. 

We proposed frameless cabinets in both spaces to utilize every cubic inch of interior cabinet space available. Because there wasn’t a proper pantry in the kitchen (or a place to add one) we kept a shallow wall cabinet over the peninsula. Due to the location, it would have been difficult to access with doors, so open shelving solved the access problem. To improve upon their original design, the cabinet was finished on all sides. Additionally, we utilized taller wall cabinets to increase their functional storage space. Crown molding to the ceiling draws the eyes upward and makes the kitchen feel larger, and properly finished. 

Spaces Included:

Kitchens, Bathrooms


Wilmore, Charlotte

Project Scope:

Pull & Replace


The raised bar at the kitchen peninsula was dropped to counter height to increase functional counter space while creating the illusion of a larger space. Narrow cabinets were placed on each side of the seating area to provide additional storage.

Other design decisions that helped the kitchen to feel larger include the use of a refrigerator with flush handles and a full-height backsplash. Because the refrigerator had to be installed so close to the wall, the handleless design ensured smoother operation. The quartz slab backsplash continues from the countertop without a visual interruption. 

The windowless main bathroom stayed light and bright thanks to a subtly textured wall tile and a durable hexagon floor tile that mimics Calcutta Gold marble. Repeating the same tile on the main and shower floors makes the room feel larger. 

Stained oak cabinetry introduced additional texture into the space. Brushed gold plumbing fixtures echo the warm tones of the wood and tile floor. They gained accessible storage space in the form of a tall countertop cabinet. The mirror is a surface-mounted medicine cabinet. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be recessed into the wall due to a plumbing drop, but it still provides practical storage for everyday necessities. 

By utilizing thoughtful cabinetry choices and material selections, we were able to significantly increase the functional storage of this small townhome without changing the footprint (or layout) to either space.

“After a successful kitchen remodel we knew we’d hire ReVision again to update our bathroom. They handled everything and made the whole process relatively painless.”

Before & After 

wilmore-townhome-before small-townhouse-kitchen