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Rock Hill
Home Remodeling

Just over our state line you’ll find Rock Hill, South Carolina. Rock Hill is known for its history, and is home to a number of historic sites, including the Old White Homestead, the Confederate Monument, and the Rock Hill City Hall. The city is also home to a number of recreational amenities, including parks, museums, and cultural events, which bring people together. Rock Hill is a vibrant and diverse community, with a strong sense of community and a commitment to cultural and economic growth. It’s no surprise that we love coming to help out our Carolina neighbor!

More About
Rock Hill Home Remodeling & Design

ReVision has been renovating homes in the Charlotte area for almost 20 years. We particularly enjoy renovating homes in Rock Hill so that you can remain in this lovely area without sacrificing your ideal forever home.

To accomplish your vision, we partner closely with you. Every step of the way, our skilled team will work with you to renovate your space. Rock Hill Home Remodeling strives to not just meet your needs, but also go above and beyond them.

Popular Rock Hill Home
Remodeling Projects

Not everyone is able to move into a home that includes all of their dream features. You do not, however, have to live with these compromises indefinitely just because you had to make them throughout the home-buying process. Your passport to the space of your dreams is a home remodel with us. Making your idea a reality is our passion. Imagine yourself utilizing each of your places to the fullest. Having a hard time accepting it’s feasible? We’re here to guide you through each stage of the process.

To do this, we have enhanced our ReVision technique. We would be honored to help you with the remodeling of your Rock Hill home.

Main Bathrooms
and Powder Rooms

Your bathroom ought to be a haven. Let us turn your powder room or bathroom into a lavish retreat where you can unwind and take a moment for yourself.

rock hill home remodeling


The kitchen serves as the social hub of the house and is where meals are prepared and shared. Therefore, your kitchen should be a room that makes you happy and is functional. Let us assist you in creating the ideal setting for all of your special occasions.

Additions and Exteriors

With useful additions like screened-in porches and covered patios, you can connect to the outdoors without leaving your house. All of your Rock Hill exterior renovations would be welcomed by us.

Whole Homes

To create a completely unified atmosphere in your home, you’ll probably want to renovate more than one area at a time. No issue. We would be delighted to completely renovate your Rock Hill house! Any time of Rock Hill home remodeling project, we are beyond ready to tackle!

Other Spaces

Utilize your vacant attic, remodel your garage, or construct a home office. We’re ready to take on any project you have in mind for your Rock Hill house.

Popular Rock Hill Design
Remodeling Projects

Rock Hill
Remodeling FAQs

Do I have to move out of my Rock Hill home during construction?

It truly depends on the size of the project and how much disturbance you can tolerate. Unless we’re remodeling the entire house, the majority of our clients stay in their homes during construction. You will have to leave the house for roughly a week if your project involves refinishing hardwood flooring. During that period, a lot of our clients book family holidays.

Do you do outdoor living spaces and porch projects?

Absolutely! We adore planning and constructing patios, decks, screened porches, front porches, porticos, and outdoor kitchens for Rock Hill houses.

How do you decide on a layout or floorplan?

Choosing the ideal layout or floorplan for a project often requires considering multiple options. This is why we usually want to offer you the first two or three conceptual ideas that we render. We hone the layout and turn the renderings into comprehensive building drawings based on your feedback and suggestions from other members of our staff for your Rock Hill home renovation project.

Can I provide my own materials?

A lot of our Rock Hill clients choose to bring their own appliances, lighting fixtures, mirrors, etc. for us to install. However, we would want to be in charge of gathering the building supplies for your Rock Hill project in order to ensure the most effective construction procedure.

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