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Alexandra Hutchinson

Project Designer
Fun Fact:
As a Utah native, I’ve gone hiking and repelling in the Mighty 5 national parks.

My Role at ReVision

As a project designer, I aspire to transform your ideas and dreams into a reality. From designing a layout that meets all your needs to making the perfect material choices, the goal is always to make your space feel like a reflection of you. Balancing function, design, personality, and a little bit of remodeling magic, we will craft a space that you will love for many years to come. Beyond designing in the studio, you’ll find me immersed in painting, hiking, camping, or adventuring along the east coast.

My Most Memorable Project

Designing a home that seamlessly adapts to all different stages of life is a unique challenge. I worked on an age-in-place project for a family who was currently navigating the dynamic of young children and older live-in parents. They wanted to make sure the space would evolve as their children moved out, and eventually when they themselves aged. The magic of finding their forever home sparked a lot of creativity and innovation as we designed the layout to be able to accommodate all these stages of life. Whether your space is just for this season of life or it stands as your forever home, it should create joy and provide comfort for however long you choose.