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June 24, 2022

4 Shower Layouts That Will Transform Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

While showers were once a purely functional fixture in the home, today, showers can play a big role in the design of your bathroom. You start and end your day in the bathroom (is that as mind-boggling for you as it is for us?) and there’s a good chance the shower is involved in those bookends, too. 

Beautiful fixtures, stone, and glass can transform your bathroom from ordinary and builder grade into an oasis that rivals the Ballantyne Spa in Charlotte. Your bathroom, and specifically your shower, is a place of solitude where you unwind and literally wash off the stress of the day so it’s worth it to design it to your liking.

With the help of custom shower installers, you are no longer limited to out-of-the-box designs. You can create something from scratch that truly brings your vision to life.

We’ve put together the four shower layouts that shower installers (like us!) in Charlotte can use to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Custom Designs to Discuss with Your Shower Installer

shower installers

Before we dive into the best layouts for showers, consider the benefits of a fully customized shower design. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen. But seriously. Whether you want built-in niches to store all of your scented soaps, his-and-her permanent perches by way of benches built into each wall, or even a trio of showerheads at knee, hip and eye-level, the sky is truly the limit when you want to personalize your space.

Need a little more inspiration to get started? Take a look at four of our most popular shower layouts that will make your bathroom truly stunning.


1. Steam Showers

If you want a unique and health-forward shower in your home, a steam shower may be your answer. Steam showers not only produce steam but also trap water vapor and heat to create a sauna-like environment. The warmth of them helps open up capillaries which allows better blood flow.

Bonus: for the gentlemen that may be using the steam shower, they are a great “pre-shave” treatment because the warmth and moisture can help soften hair follicles which in turn can reduce the likelihood of razor burn.

Many homeowners enjoy steam showers because they are great for stress reduction, pain relief, and overall relaxation. There’s a reason why you’ll find steam showers in many gyms, spas, and physical therapy facilities.

Many design elements can level up a steam shower, including bench seating, alcoves, and built-in shelving. A beautifully designed steam shower will create a space that you’ll never want to leave.

If you are considering a steam shower, make sure to consult an expert shower installer early on in the process. Steam showers must be built with particular requirements, including a full glass enclosure and recommended materials that better withstand the steam.


2. Wet Rooms

For a high-end design that is classic yet versatile, consider a wet room. Unlike traditional bathrooms that are partially or semi-waterproofed, a wet room is a completely waterproofed space that includes a separate tub inside the shower space. Because the entire space is clad in tile, you don’t have to worry about splashing kiddos or water damage. Enclosed wet rooms like the rendering of a recent project above are the renovation rage these days partly because they’re relatively space efficient. You can have a large shower and a separate bathtub in a smaller footprint without having to sacrifice the size of either function.

Wetroom walls are completely covered in porcelain, ceramic or stone tile from floor to ceiling, creating a truly glamorous look and feel. Wet rooms also create one of the most convenient and accessible shower styles on the market and, depending on the specific design features are perfect for adults of all abilities. And, it goes without saying, they look pretty chic.

While European style wet rooms may include the lavatory and toilet within the same space due to square footage limitations, Charlotte homeowners are much more inclined to prefer a dry space for the vanity and water closet. If you’ve ever showered in an RV over the toilet, you know there’s nothing sexy about that.

3. Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers can offer a renovation option for your bathroom that doesn’t require modifying the entire space. They keep a bathroom harmonious and spare you from breaking it up and losing that fluidity that a bathroom so often needs.  A traditional walk-in shower is curbless and fully open without a door. 

Charlotte shower installers can also make modifications to walk-in showers, such as a privacy panel or stationary wall to define the space. Walk-in showers are simple, easily accessible (for anyone in the fam that could be facing mobility challenges), and add a beautiful feature to fill out your bathroom oasis. Simply put, they are stunning.

4. Corner Showers
shower layouts

Corner showers were once an unsightly way to install a shower on the cheap in a space-efficient way. Corner showers have come a long way and can now serve as a beautiful feature in your remodeled bathroom. 

Corner showers are still a great option for bathrooms that do not have the luxury of space. No matter how creative you get with bathroom design, sometimes an oversized shower simply won’t fit. That’s where a corner shower can come into play. Typical floor plans often feature corner showers next to a bathtub under a garden window.

Investing in high-quality glass, beautiful tile, and high-end fixtures makes your corner shower look like it came straight out of a luxury spa.


Ask Your Shower Installer About These Popular Shower Upgrades

If you’re going to remodel your shower, don’t start the project without first considering which additional upgrades may suit your lifestyle the best, as many of the most popular upgrades are built-in and can’t be added later. Your shower installer will be able to walk you through the best placement of specific features and to help you decide which would make your new shower the most luxurious. Popular shower upgrades include:

  • Glass coatings
  • Integrated towel bars
  • Decorative framed enclosures
  • Decorative grab bars
  • Multiple shower heads
  • Shower benches
  • Recessed shower niches

You spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so you should enjoy your shower and other bathroom fixtures. In addition, making upgrades to your bathroom can be a great long-term investment in your home.

Contact Revision Charlotte for Your New Shower

Revision Charlotte helps you get the home you want without the move. We are a team of highly skilled professionals that can handle even the most complicated designs to bring your dream bathroom to life. 

We want every Charlotte homeowner to have a bathroom they look forward to spending time in. Call us today to get started.