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Home Remodeling

Stallings, North Carolina, is a lovely suburban town that has experienced continual growth over the years. This town occupies Union and Mecklenburg counties and is complete with beautiful parks, thriving local shops and restaurants, and acclaimed schools. One of the town’s annual highlights is Stallings Fest when vendors and local artisans gather to display their talent for enthusiastic residents. When it boils down to it, Stalling’s tagline, “How Home Should Feel,” says all you need to know about this Charlotte satellite town. The location is perfect, so we love helping Stallings homes reach their full potential!

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Stallings Home Remodeling & Design

With almost twenty years of experience, ReVision has the know-how to mold your Stallings home into your perfect abode. Have a space or multiple spaces that just aren’t doing it for you? You can get the house you’ve dreamed of without uprooting your family with our help.

We’re no strangers to Stallings home remodeling. We love this charming haven and are delighted anytime we are contacted by residents to give their homes an update.

Popular Stallings Home
Remodeling Projects

It’s possible you love living in Stallings, without actually loving everything about your current home. You don’t have to give up a neighborhood you adore simply because your home isn’t ticking every single one of your boxes. Ticking off these boxes with innovative design solutions is our passion.

We’ll guide you through the entire process – from design to installation. Through our years of experience, we have streamlined our workflow to ensure that you get the ultimate say on important design decisions. When we finish with your Stallings home remodeling project, we promise you’ll be thrilled with the results. Contact us to get started!

Stallings Home Remodeling
Main Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Fresh tiles, a brand-new walk-in shower, or a luxurious soaking tub can bring your bathroom out of the past. Let us craft a sanctuary you can enjoy spending time in.

Stallings Home Remodeling
Stalling Home Remodeling

Stallings Home Remodeling

A well-designed kitchen doubles as an entertainer’s paradise; when laid out properly, a kitchen is a social hub where guests can gather as you whip up delicious meals. Let us show you all that your kitchen can be.

Stallings Home Remodeling
Additions and Exteriors

Add value and living space to your home with an addition or exterior remodel. We’re well-versed in designing screened-in porches, covered patios, and substantial add-ons.

Stalling Home Remodeling
Stallings Home Remodeling

Stallings Home Remodeling
Whole homes

To create a unified feel in your home, you may want to renovate more than one area at a time. No issue. We would be honored to complete your whole Stallings home remodeling project!

Stallings Home Remodeling
other spaces

If you can dream it, we can do it. For any space that you want to transform, we are up to the challenge!

Stallings Home Remodeling

Popular Stallings Design
Remodeling Projects

Stallings Remodeling

I have several projects in my Stallings home and I’m not sure where to start. How do I figure that out?

We can help you prioritize and give advice on sequencing. We’ll also look at which areas should be grouped together to maximize your budget and efficiency and minimize disruption. For example, you typically wouldn’t want to remodel your kitchen without also committing to refinishing all of your hardwood flooring at the same time.

Should I remodel my existing Stallings home or move?

This is a very personal question that depends on your specific circumstances, but it’s one we get often. This blog post offers several factors to consider while deciding what’s best for your family.

I am getting older, but don’t want to move out of my Stallings house, can you help?

Our NKBA certified designers understand universal design principles and will make design suggestions for you to age-in-place safely without sacrificing the style you love.

How do you figure out the budget range for my Stallings home remodeling project?

Our focus is always centered on helping you make informed decisions about your remodeling project. In the beginning of our process, we will develop a budget range that we believe your project will fall within. The budget range is based on many factors such as the age and condition of your home, the scope of work you want us to include, and the decisions we’ll help you make about the level of materials you will select. We also factor in our history with projects similar to yours and current market conditions.

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