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Home Remodeling

Waxhaw is a town in Union County, about a 45 minute drive down South from the Queen City, but well worth every one of those minutes. With charming shops, restaurants, and lovely greenspace, Waxhaw is an amazing place to visit and an even better place to live. The best part is that almost everything is within walking distance of the city’s main street, making this a very accessible town. It has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and has that laid-back, casual, small town vibe that so many homeowners are desiring.

Waxhaw’s name is derived from the indigenous people who lived there, known as the Waxhaw people and although it is rich in history, it’s definitely making moves to become one of the most talked about towns in North Carolina. In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the town added a myriad of new businesses, over 100 new jobs to take advantage of, and invested millions in its downtown areas.

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Waxhaw Home Remodeling & Design

While ReVision’s design studio is located in the ever popular South End, Charlotte, it prides itself on 17 years of accommodating the suburbs and just outside of the metropolitan area. Waxhaw Home Remodeling projects are a thrill because there’s always an opportunity to discover a new part of the town while we are there. It’s a true hidden gem of North Carolina and we look forward to every family we get to serve in the area.

Popular Waxhaw Home
Remodeling Projects

Everyone knows that undertaking a remodeling project, whether that project be one phase or multiple, can be nerve wracking. It’s a big change and requires time but it’s also a change that will be worthwhile for many years to come. ReVision has years of experience under our belt and we are certain that with your skill and expertise, your project will go as smoothly as you desire. Our renovations to your home will make your home not only more comfortable and attractive, but also increase your home’s value.

Waxhaw Home Remodeling
Main Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

A lot of times, a bathroom needs to be redesigned to increase its utility and function. And besides the kitchen, it’s one of the most important rooms buyers view when considering purchasing a home in Waxhaw.

L-shaped Kitchen

Waxhaw Home Remodeling

The most common motivation to remodel a kitchen is to better match a family’s needs. We have experience with all layouts and will make sure space is maximized to its fullest potential.

Waxhaw Home Remodeling
Additions and Exteriors

Additions and exteriors keep the structure and safety of your home intact. They are areas perhaps thought about less but are just as important as any other room in the home.

mid-century ranch home remodel
cornelius home remodeling

Waxhaw Home Remodeling
Whole Homes

It’s pretty often that clients in Waxhaw opt for renovating multiple rooms at the same time. It may be a longer process in total, but it will spare you from rearranging your lifestyle multiple times.

Waxhaw Home Remodeling
Other Spaces

ReVision tackles large projects but is just as willing to tackle the smaller ones, as well. Whether it’s a hidden butler’s pantry or a sleek home office, we can make sure they all that you are wanting and more.

ReVision Custom Mudroom Laundry Room Design

Popular ReVision Design
Waxhaw Remodeling Projects

Waxhaw Remodeling

How long will construction last on my Waxhaw Home Remodeling project?

We’ll provide general expectations on timing once we have a firm idea of the scope and size of your project. Generally, kitchens and bathrooms will take 5 – 10 weeks.  Whole house renovations, additions and basements can run anywhere between two months and six months. Outdoor living projects average around one to three months.

What does your in-house construction team do and who manages my project?

Most of the fine carpentry and cabinet work is done by our in-house craftsmen. A dedicated Project Manager will manage the work of our in-house craftsmen and sub-contractors. You’ll have frequent and direct communication with the ReVision construction team from start to finish.

What does my project team look like/who will be involved in my Waxhaw Home Remodel?

Every project will have a dedicated Project Developer, Designer, and Project Manager.

How do you figure out the budget range for my Waxhaw project?

Our focus is always centered on helping you make informed decisions about your remodeling project. In the beginning of our process we will develop a budget range that we believe your project will fall within. The budget range is based on many factors such as the age and condition of your Waxhaw home, the scope of work you want us to include, and the decisions we’ll help you make about the level of materials you will select. We also factor in our history with projects similar to yours and current market conditions.

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