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Category: Announcements

January 5, 2021 by Chelsea Allard

New Year, New Name!

Introducing Revision Design/Remodeling

As of January 7, 2021, Case Design/Remodeling of Charlotte is now ReVision Design/Remodeling.

After 16 years of serving Charlotte area homeowners, we felt the time was right for a change. When we set out to come up with a new name, we tossed around many creative ideas. Our goal all along was to find a name that is not just memorable but would accurately reflect what we do.  

When we begin our journey with a client, it usually starts with many discussions of possible changes to a living space. We emphasize making sure the meetings collaborate with each client, no matter where they are in their vision of how their remodeled space will ultimately look. A new vision, a ‘ReVision,’ emerges that combines your ideas and needs with our creative expertise and guidance throughout the process.  

While the name may be different, our dedication to providing Charlotte remodeling clients award-winning design and stress-free remodeling experience endures.  Stress-free remodeling? Yes, you might read that as an oxymoron, but here’s how we make it happen:

  • Designs to fit your tastes and needs, not ours. We prioritize delivering on what works the best for each client’s needs. Every remodeling project is customized just for you. You can see more of our work here.
  • A convenient place to explore the possibilities. We built our Design Studio, so you have a comfortable place to view interactive 3D designs of your new space, tour over two dozen vignettes, and eliminate the hassle of driving all over town to look at material samples. Learn more about our ReVision Design/Remodeling Design Studio here.
  • Candid discussions about how much it will cost. Nobody likes surprises, especially when it comes to money. Yes, remodeling will inherently have some things that are impossible to predict when it comes to cost, but we try to prepare you for those as much as possible.
  • Dedicated construction professionals that keep you informed. We put together a comprehensive schedule and communicated progress along the way. You’ll always know what to expect and who to call when you have questions.
  • Respect for your time and your home. An active construction project inside your home can be disruptive, but we’ll make sure you know in advance what to expect and when.  
  • A team of experienced professionals. You’ll have a dedicated Project Developer, Designer, and Project Manager working together to make your ReVision a reality. Learn more about our team here.

You can read more about our remodeling process here.

Thank you for helping to make Case a name synonymous with remodeling professionalism in Charlotte since 2005.  We promise to work hard to make ReVision Design/Remodeling continue that tradition of excellence!  

September 8, 2020 by Chelsea Allard

Welcome To Our South End Home Design Studio

With the completion of our South End home design studio, we’re now able to provide our clients with a more hands-on approach so you can experience the features of your home well before installation day. Whether a simple powder room facelift or a whole home redesign, remodeling your home is an investment in both your time and resources. While curating and presenting material samples with your functional, budgetary, and aesthetic needs in mind has always been part of our design process, we wanted to elevate our client experience.

Home Design Studio – Experience Before Deciding

After the initial consultation, your project developer will present a proposal outlining your remodeling project with appropriate budget ranges for each area at the home design studio. This first visit will allow you to see examples of the level of finish we’re assuming in our budget ranges, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of what you’ll be getting. You may even see something you’d love to incorporate into your redesign!

Save Time During the Design Phase

Your time is valuable. Our easily accessible and conveniently located home design studio means no more running all over town to various showrooms with your designer. From space planning to material selections, all of our design meetings will take place in one location. When you arrive, we’ll have curated materials selections pulled just for you, saving you time and the headache of decision overwhelm. You’ll be able to see dozens of examples of various cabinetry, tile, and installation features without ever having to leave the building. While we will still make occasional field trips to choose natural stone slabs for your countertops or kitchen appliances, overall, the design process will be more efficient, so you can come home to your new space that much sooner.

Miniature kitchen cabinet display with various door styles and finishes in our home design studio.

Our wall of “mini’s” packs a lot of options in a small space. With seven stations, we were able to show many different door styles, finishes, moldings, tile backsplashes, cabinet hardware, and countertops.


Contemporary bathroom with quarter sawn white oak floating vanity, rose gold pendants and smokey green wallpaper

We opted for visual texture and distinctive finishes for our contemporary bathroom: Quartersawn white oak for the vanity paired with the smokey green wallpaper accent give it some drama, while the rose gold faucet and pendants provide an unexpected feminine touch.

Imagine the Possibilities for Your Home

With eight kitchen vignettes, five bathroom vignettes, dozens of material combinations, and an extensive and ever-evolving materials library, we designed our 2,700 square foot studio for versatility. While it’s impossible to show every option available, we combined some of the most popular and on-trend elements across traditional, transitional and contemporary displays, so there’s something for everyone. We are never limited to what’s shown on the floor, so if there’s something specific you want to include in your project, let your designer know, and they’ll order samples.

Traditional, transitional and contemporary kitchen vignettes provide options

Traditional, transitional, and contemporary kitchen vignettes combine various finishes, patterns, and storage features so you can get an idea of what’s possible for your kitchen remodel.

A porcelain slab shower enclosure on the left and a contemporary alcove shower on the right.

Our shower displays include some of the most popular features our clients consistently expect. On the left, we used porcelain slabs on the walls and included a mitred bench, recessed niche, and separate handheld shower. We went for a more modern look on the right with textured wall tiles, a curbless shower pan with a linear drain, and a chrome shower column.

Open By Appointment

Because we aren’t a traditional remodeling showroom, we are not open to the public, but we invite you to take a virtual tour here! If you’re interested in discussing your remodeling project with one of our project developers and touring the space in person, contact us at 704-759-3920 or schedule a call online, and we’ll be in touch shortly. As soon as it’s safe to host in-person events, we’ll be resuming our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Seminars and will host them at the design studio.

March 25, 2020 by Chelsea Allard

Unsure If A Virtual Home Remodeling Consultation Is Right For You?

Let’s be clear, no one wishes for a pandemic. But as we all find ourselves in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s forcing collective adaptation. While virtual home remodeling consultations have been feasible for years, and we, at ReVision Design/Remodeling, have used them for specific situations, we’ve never made them standard practice. It was always just one more piece of technology to learn, one more account to keep track of; the excuses sounded legitimate even though they weren’t. I’m sure you can relate. We all have that list of things we ought to do but put off because we need to do something.

As humans, we adapt when we are willing to push ourselves toward growth. Welcome COVID-19. As businesses started closing their doors to walk-in customers left, and right, it was instantly clear that virtual consultations were the way of the future.

To do our part to flatten the curve, we’ve implemented virtual home remodeling consultations for all of our existing clients (when feasible) and all new client consultations. Once we’re on the other side of this pandemic, we’ll continue to offer virtual consultations because it just makes sense. So far, we’ve enjoyed a great response from our client and our team members. It’s the right thing to do.

a virtual rendering of your soon-to-be remodeled home

Our 3D architectural software already makes virtual renderings of your remodeling project to help you see how the result will look. A video chat to go with it is par for the course.

Virtual Home Remodeling Consultations Are Great For:

  1. Those who are considering a remodeling project and are ready to speak with professionals to get estimates: Most of the time, we can pull up photos of the interior of your house from the real estate listing, even if you bought the house years ago. These photos will give us a pretty good idea of the layout, condition, and potential issues we should know when budgeting. After 15 years in business, we’ve probably done work in your neighborhood – maybe even your exact floor plan – so we have a pretty good idea of what to expect.
  2. Existing clients who travel for work or can’t make an in-person meeting as easily: With enough prep time and the ability to screen share, most design appointments can easily occur online. We can order specific samples and have them shipped to your house.
  3. Those times when you don’t have a lot of time: It’s not uncommon to have a free hour for a meeting, but by the time you factor in the logistics of traffic getting to the meeting point, it can eat up too much of the day. In those cases, a virtual meeting is ideal. Progress doesn’t have to stop on your remodeling project because traffic on I-77 backed up for miles.
  4. Contract signings: Thanks to document signing technology, there’s no reason we can’t review and sign contracts electronically. We’ve been using this feature for years to save our clients time. Have questions about your contract? We’ll schedule a call or video conference to review everything together ahead of time.

Virtual Home Remodeling Consultations Are Not Ideal For:

  1. Trade Walk-Throughs. When it’s time to get specific about relocating plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems, or whenever there is structural engineering involved, those evaluations need to be done on-site. We generally try to stagger our trade partners during those meetings to keep things as orderly as possible. Now, more than ever, that will remain important as we practice social distancing and avoid groups for your safety and ours.
  2. Pre-Construction Walk-Throughs. For the same reasons above, it’s still best for your project manager to familiarize himself with your property before demo day. These walk-throughs are when we discuss the logistics of the construction phase, so being on-site is critical to a smooth start on day one.

Not sure if a virtual home remodeling consultation is best for you? Give us a call at 704-759-3920 or schedule a call online so we can help you determine the best scenario for your needs and comfort.