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August 28, 2023

Freestanding Tub Fillers: A Splash of Elegance

There is hardly anything better than a bath at the end of a long, hard day. Not only does soaking in the warm water have physical benefits (easing those sore muscles and joints – getting old is tough) but the psychological benefits are just as favorable.

And since the weather in Charlotte and surrounding suburbs is pretty temperate all-year long, you’re probably reveling in a soak regardless of the season. Well, maybe not in July and August but pretty much every other month. So, our question is, why not do it in style with a fashionable freestanding tub? This popular type of bathtub will become the visual centerpiece of your bathroom while transforming it into an elegant, comfortable oasis.

The key to a freestanding tub’s ability to enhance your bathroom lies not only in its gorgeous, almost floating design, but also in the proper choice of tub fillers. In this article, we unravel the mysteries of filling your freestanding tub with a beautiful and functional fixture that elevates your bathroom even higher.

What is a Tub Filler?

Free-standing tub fillers are often more dramatic in appearance than other options.

“Tub filler” is just a fancy term for a faucet or tub spout, a plumbing fixture that delivers water – hot, cold and everything in between – to your bathtub. Tub fillers have either knobs or a lever for adjusting the temperature as well as the flow of the water. While the term “plumbing fixture” may not sound particularly alluring, choosing the right one can make your tub experience more comfortable and convenient, and opting for an attractive one will take your bathroom to an entirely new level.

Design Choices for Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs add elegance to your bathroom.

Before we dive into the world of tub fillers, let’s briefly acquaint you with the thrilling array of freestanding tub designs that grace the Charlotte scene. From classic clawfoot designs that transport you to a bygone era of elegance, to sleek and modern versions that flaunt minimalist allure, these tubs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Cast iron, acrylic, copper—you have lots of designs and materials to make sure it complements your style and the temperature fluctuations that come with each season in North or South Carolina.

To learn more about freestanding tubs, give this recent article a read.

Types of Bathtub Fillers

So how do you provide water to your luxurious new freestanding tub without a fuss? There are lots of choices when it comes to bathtub filler types and styles, but some pair better than others with freestanding tubs. Three popular contenders grace the stage: the deck-mounted tub filler, the freestanding tub filler, and the wall-mounted tub filler. Let’s break them down so you can make the right choice for your Carolina home.

Deck-Mounted Tub Filler: This charming option can be mounted either directly on the tub itself or on a half wall, creating both a practical ledge and a visual feast for the eyes. Not only does it showcase the tub filler like a work of art, but it also allows for a perfect spot to place your glass of fine wine, a flickering candle, or a copy of the latest Southern Living magazine.

Freestanding tubs are a popular modern design choice.

Wall-Mounted Tub Filler: For those who prefer a more subtle approach, the wall-mounted tub filler offers a seamless experience. It extends from the wall, letting the spotlight remain on your exquisite tub, yet it stands ready to fulfill its duty with a simple twist of your wrist. Both wall-mount and deck-mount bathtub fillers require some finishing to the wall or deck after installation. And keep in mind that your freestanding tub has to be close to a wall to use this option – if your tub is located in the middle of the bathroom, go for another style.

Freestanding Tub Filler: The epitome of elegance, this floor-mount or freestanding tub filler stands gracefully beside your freestanding tub. Because more of the fixture is exposed, free-standing tub fillers are often more dramatic in appearance than other options. Since freestanding bathtubs tend to be placed away from walls and therefore lack a deck, floor-mounted bathtub fillers are a practical choice

Styles of Tub Fillers

Modern Bathtub Fillers: This style challenges traditional design norms by offering innovative and visually striking options. Its goal is to transform the mundane task of filling the tub into a stylish and captivating experience. Some more notable modern tub filler styles include:

  • Cascade waterfall spouts
  • Wall-mounted waterfall spouts
  • Open spouts
  • Sleek freestanding fillers

Industrial Bathtub Fillers: Industrial-style bathroom designs draw inspiration from rugged, raw, and utilitarian aesthetics. Industrial bathtub fillers incorporate elements that emphasize functionality and create a distinctive urban-chic ambiance. Key features of industrial tub fillers include:

  • Exposed pipes
  • Retro knobs
  • Oiled brass finishes

Transitional Bathtub Fillers: If you’re looking for a more refined and understated look, elegant bathtub fillers offer a seamless blend of style and simplicity. These fillers prioritize clean lines, balanced proportions, and timeless designs. Some characteristics of elegant tub fillers include:

  • Simplicity in design
  • Variety of finishes
  • Eye-catching configurations

Incorporating these different tub filler styles can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, reflecting your personal taste and design preferences. Whether you opt for modern, industrial, or elegant styles, each choice contributes to creating a unique and captivating bathing environment.

Choosing the Perfect Tub & Filler for Your Charlotte Remodel

While you might consider bathing an activity best suited for the chillier months, true aficionados of relaxation know that a well-timed soak can work wonders in the heat. As the mercury climbs, a tepid bath infused with your favorite essential oils can be your secret weapon against the Carolina sun.

As you embark upon your Charlotte home bathroom remodeling project, consider the harmony between your freestanding tub and its companion, the tub filler. Whether you’re a fan of the bold deck-mounted design, the standalone splendor of the freestanding filler, or the subtle elegance of the wall-mounted option, there’s a perfect tub filler for your bathroom.

But before you begin your bathroom project, read what professional contractors have to say by clicking on “6 Design Tips from a Custom Bathroom Contractor,” and “5 Questions to Ask Before You Remodel,”

Are you thinking about a freestanding tub for your bathroom? ReVisionCharlotte specializes in creating bathrooms of every kind and every type of layout. Find out more about our bathroom remodel services here.