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April 20, 2022

Types of Light Fixtures that Brighten Your Home

Many factors go into the art of home remodeling, but one of the most important pieces of any home’s aesthetic is its lighting. The vibe and energy of a space can be significantly affected by the room’s brightness, the amount of natural light available, and where the light is coming from.

Are you looking to learn more about what types of light fixtures could brighten up your space and make your home more inviting? Let’s take a look at a few different options that Charlotte, NC, homeowners love when curating the lighting in their newly renovated space.

Stallings Home Remodeling

Statement light fixtures such as these tiered pendants are not only functional, but enhance the overall aesthetic of the kitchen design.


LED Lighting Offers New possibilities

Recent years have seen prices of LED lighting systems plummet, and their quality vastly improve. These types of light fixtures are no longer synonymous with the harsh institutional-white color spectrum that used to be the defining characteristic and are now available in a full range of warm and inviting tones.

LEDs are available in a wide variety of applications, from lamps (bulbs) that adorn traditional fixtures, to integrated LEDs within a fixture, low-profile accent or task lights in strips or barely noticeable recessed cans, LED lights can elevate your interior design by accenting bookcases, lighting under cabinets, and providing dramatic contrast around drapery in addition to serving your everyday indoor and exterior lighting needs.

Lighting technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, and smart features can open up huge opportunities for creative, dynamic decor. Modern lighting systems can adjust the brightness based on the time of day, track movement to avoid wasted energy in rooms that aren’t occupied, and even change the color and tone of lighting at the touch of a button to protect your circadian rhythm and balance your hormones.

Even high-tech lighting control panels will blend inconspicuously, meaning you can still use classically styled light fixtures while incorporating the smartest and most energy-efficient lighting features into your remodel.

Make Perfect Lighting the Focal Point

One of the biggest trends in lighting for 2022 elevates fixtures that are designed to be noticed. Eye-catching vintage chandeliers and modern, geometrical installations are intended to do more than merely provide light: they’re designed to make a statement.

types of light fixtures

LED recessed cans keep this windowless kitchen well lit at any time of the day, while integrated LED strip lights accent the display cabinet. Additional LEDs illuminate the coffee station for brewing a morning cup or sorting the mail.


Bigger, bolder types of light fixtures demand extra attention because they have the power to set the tone for a room or an entire home. Getting expert advice from your interior designer is important so you choose a fixture that’s an appropriate scale for the space, and will provide enough light for the activities in that space. When it comes to decorative lighting, there’s nothing worse than an attractive light fixture that doesn’t put out enough light. 

When you’re considering a focal piece like this, you can’t go wrong with classic brass and elegant gold light fixtures, but you can also consider more contemporary materials. Stainless steel and matte black offer a sleek modern look, and cylindrical linen drum shades combined with crystal clear glass can add an austere beauty to larger rooms.


How Do I Choose the Right Types of Light Fixtures for My Space?

Now that you’ve explored a few décor strategies when it comes to choosing the right types of light fixtures, it’s time to make some choices about what specific types of light you’re looking for and the role you want your lighting fixtures to play in your Charlotte, NC, home. 

Different types of light fixtures will create different visual effects in your space, developing the opportunity for a variety of moods.


mooresville home remodeling

For an evenly lit face in the bathroom mirror, wall sconces at face height are ideal. These were supplemented by small recessed LED cans directly overhead. A drum chandelier with crystal accents hangs in the center of the bathroom (out of frame).


Determine What Kind of Lighting You're After

When it comes to indoor lighting, there are three main types: 

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent 

Ambient light is meant to create an even, general level of light throughout the room rather than providing light for a specific task. The types of light fixtures used for ambient lighting will generally emit an even, widespread glow so the entire room is lit at once. Recessed LED cans lights are the most popular form of ambient lighting, and we recommend placing them on dimmers to give you the most control of the level of brightness throughout the day. 

Task lights are placed for a specific purpose, such as a reading lamp next to the bed or at your desk, under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, or a make-up mirror at your vanity. Though task lighting is included in a space for a specific purpose, it can still contribute to the greater atmosphere of the room. 

Accent light generally comes from a decorative light fixture such as a chandelier or wall sconces. The type of light emanating from these fixtures is generally more atmospheric than task-oriented, but the aesthetic of the fixture itself is usually just as important as the quality of light itself. Accent lighting is common around pieces of art, over fireplaces, bathroom vanities, to highlight architectural features, and inside decorative cabinets with glass doors.


Choosing a Vantage Point


mooresville home remodeling

This kitchen and butler’s pantry features LED recessed cans and decorative chandeliers for ambient light, wall sconces for accent light and task lights under the range hood for cooking.


In any room, where the light comes from can be just as important as the quality of light and the fixture design. If you want to be able to consistently light your entire space with one fixture, you’ll likely need a large chandelier, but incorporating multiple levels of lighting into each space will give you a much better result. Pair pendant lights or chandeliers with a series of recessed lights for high traffic areas, and wall sconces with recessed lights or semi-flush lights for smaller, more intimate spaces.

Having multiple light sources throughout the room often lends itself to a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, which is what most people prefer within their home. Additionally, having multiple light fixtures throughout the room will allow you to include task-specific lighting to support your daily activities and create a layered aesthetic.


ReVision: Meeting All Your Charlotte, NC, Lighting Needs

Ready to learn more about how you could remodel to optimize your Charlotte home while selecting the perfect lighting to support your needs? Contact us today and one of our ReVision team members will be in touch shortly.