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September 26, 2022

The Best Basement Remodeling Ideas for 2022

Basements have come a long way over the years. Most homes built prior to the 90s, in Charlotte, NC, and beyond, had basements that often were not meant to be finished for useable living space.  They were just the areas of the home that housed mechanical equipment, maybe the laundry, and additional storage space. The space was there but was never given much thought. Since that time, basements in Charlotte and basement remodeling ideas in general have come a long way.

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Now the ideas for basement remodeling are truly endless. From kid’s retreats, to an extra bedroom, a home gym, or even a kitchenette, basement remodeling has really become whatever the homeowners want to make of it. 

A quick scan at just a few of the photos from some of our Charlotte basement remodel projects (just keep scrolling!) will give you some assurance that basements don’t have to be like the ones on ‘That 70’s Show’ or ‘Wayne’s World.’ They can truly be one of the most flexible and functional areas of your home. Here, we’ll look at all of the ways a basement can be transformed, and considerations for each possibility.

basement remodeling ideas
From movie nights with their young daughter to Super Bowl parties for two dozen of their dearest friends, this basement home theater was designed to be flexible and accommodating.

Preparing for a Basement Remodel

Before you decide what specific purpose you’d like to use your basement for, you’ll need to assess the major plumbing, mechanical, and electrical needs. Depending on how your Charlotte home was planned and designed when it was originally built could make adding these required things simple or very costly. For example, if the basement was not “rough plumbed” for all of the drainage and water distribution lines you would need for a bathroom or kitchen, you might be looking at a significant expense to cut concrete and in getting a pump installed.  

On the other end of the spectrum, you may already have existing pipes in areas that were pre-designed for a bathroom, bar, or kitchen. This also applies to electrical wiring and devices as well as HVAC and climate control ductwork and equipment.

Gather Ideas and Assess Your Basement Needs

Once you and your remodeling contractor have evaluated how your basement was equipped with the major mechanical systems mentioned above, it’s time to start gathering your list of basement remodeling ideas. 

Start with a list of the things you and your family need for additional living space. Do you need an additional bedroom in your home? How about a second kitchen or kitchenette for lake (or pool) side entertaining? What about a home theater room, or a home gym for all those Charlotte crossfitters out there looking to get fit at home? Do you need additional storage space for your epic holiday decor, or a home office? Once you’ve prioritized what you really need and sorted your basement remodeling ideas into what matters most for your family, there are several considerations. 

Let’s dive into the most popular Charlotte area basement remodeling projects!

Basement Bedroom

Adding an additional bedroom as part of your finished basement project is a great way to not only allow flexibility for guests, in-laws, or older kids, it’s also a cost-effective way to add home value since bedroom count is a major factor in Charlotte home valuations. Considerations and what you’ll need:

Emergency Egress: This is the technical term for having an exterior door or a window within the basement bedroom to allow escape in the case of a fire. Many basements are limited on where a bedroom can actually be placed because of requirement, since most basements don’t have doors or windows on all four walls and making the minimum window size can be challenging.

Closet Space: To legally be considered a bedroom, you’ll need to have at least a small clothes closet within the room.

Noise From Upstairs: Think about what will be above the bedroom that may cause noise for the bedroom occupant. Ideally, avoid putting it underneath a laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom.

Basement Kitchen

This basement kitchenette offers just enough practicality and storage for quick snacks and drinks during summertime pool parties.

Basement kitchens are popular on sloped lots with access to Lake Norman, or Lake Wylie, or for those who have a backyard pool, like the kitchenette shown above. The convenience of a basement kitchen or kitchenette limits wet feet from traipsing through the rest of the house and makes outdoor summer entertaining a breeze. If you’re considering adding a kitchen to your basement ask yourself these questions:

Size and Functionality: Do you want a fully equipped kitchen with all the typical appliances, or do you just need the bare bones? There are lots of options for more compact appliances and cabinetry to conserve space, or you could build a kitchen that rivals your primary kitchen upstairs. The space available, and your level of investment will have an influence on this decision as well.

Space Planning: If the kitchen will be a hub for entertaining, it may be most appropriate as a central feature of the space. If it is more for convenience and functionality to save trips upstairs, a more compact design set to one side or corner of the basement may be the best use of your available space.


This full basement bathroom off the backyard pool makes it easy for this family to rinse off before going upstairs.

Almost every finished basement should have a half bath at the very least. If you’re going to make an investment in using the basement as living space, at least make it so that you don’t have to go upstairs to use the restroom.

Full Bathroom: If your basement remodel includes a bedroom, you should also plan for a full bathroom.  Whether the bathroom is an en suite off the bedroom, or accessible from the main living space will depend on plumbing locations. 

In-Home Spa: Basements are a great place to install an in home spa. An infrared sauna and/or a steam shower would be an especially luxurious addition to a spacious home gym. The basement remodeling ideas here are endless.

Home Gym

How Many Users? The size of your home gym can range from just a small area to set up a Pelaton or a Mirror, or large enough for full weight racks and machines. Also consider how many users will be using the gym to help determine an appropriate layout and size. 

Mirrors: A proper gym needs full length mirrors. Think about the best wall placement for those. If you pan to install equipment in the mirror (such as a ballet bar) the exact placement will need to be determined before the mirrors are templated.

Flooring: Ideally your gym needs a rubberized floor that can sustain impact and be soft enough for floor exercises. There are several options available that we can discuss.

Home Theater

There often isn’t a better place for a home theater than the basement. Let your favorite football fan coach from the couch without polluting the main living spaces or bedrooms with their passionate enthusiasm. 

Professional Audio/Visual Team: A proper home theater requires the expertise of an A/V professional that can collaborate with your interior designer to assess the most appropriate placement for seating, speakers, screens and housing for controls and equipment.

Lighting: Multiple levels of dimmable lighting in each zone of space should be included to create the best environment for viewing, entertaining or playing games.

Sound Proofing: The quality of the theater experience is directly tied to the control and quality of the sound. Consider where the theater is placed in relation to the quieter areas of your home.

Basement Wine Rooms and Bars

Whether you’re going to be hosting poker night, or having guests over to watch the big game, basements are a great spot for wine rooms, bars and entertaining spaces. 

Basement Appliances: Wine fridges, beverage centers, ice makers, and kegerators are just a few of the specialty appliances you might want to consider. A refrigerator for snacks and a dishwasher or dishwasher drawer are also ideal if space allows.

Wine Rooms: Since cellars were the original wine storage spaces, basements are perfect for modern day wine and tasting rooms. You may consider keeping one part of your basement unconditioned. Storing wine against the concrete walls may provide cool, stable temperature and humidity for preserving your collection. Alternatively, your remodeling contractor may encourage you to partner with a wine room specialist to design and install a custom racking system and conditioning equipment.

Get Started on Your Basement Project with ReVision Design

Finishing a basement requires a lot of considerations, but first consider what type of spaces you and your family need. In addition to the size of the overall space, feasibility and level of investment will depend greatly on the existing conditions of the space and what needs to be done to make it functional and livable. In the end, basement remodel to your Charlotte home will bring you more enjoyment, and functionality, while increasing the value of your home.

Reach out to us today to set up a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your basement remodeling ideas!