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March 22, 2021

5 Inspiring Coffee Station Ideas for Your Home

Home coffee stations and home coffee station ideas have always been high on the “wants” list for our kitchen remodeling clients. Whether you’re a one cup first thing in the morning type of person or you drink it all throughout the day because it’s less of a habit and more of a lifestyle, having a designated in-home coffee station is the best way to start your day. Here are four coffee station ideas to consider having your kitchen designer incorporating into your kitchen remodel.

1. Create a Coffee Tower Station

Perfect for smaller kitchens, or tight spaces that aren’t ideal for prep space, a coffee station tower is a great way to keep all of your coffee paraphernalia grouped together within a small footprint. We prefer to hide coffee makers behind closed doors to reduce visual counter clutter. In the example below, we utilized a small patch of wall space outside of the main traffic zone to house this 24” coffee station tower.

This in-home coffee station tower features a lift-up door for easy access, drawers for K-cups and accessories, and shelves above for mugs.

A custom sized lift-up door was used to avoid hinged doors that would stick out past the edge of the countertop. It lifts high enough so as not to impair view into the cabinet and closes easily when not in use. To ensure easy clean up from stray coffee grounds and inevitable spills, a bottomless cabinet tower was used to keep all the appliances sitting directly on the quartz countertop below.

Drawers below the coffee station provide space for k-cups, filters and accessories. The cabinet doors above store this family’s collection of mugs. The glass doors make the whole piece appear visually lighter, so it doesn’t distract from the rest of the kitchen design.

2. Combine Your In-Home Coffee Station and Dry Bar

Let’s face it, not everyone has the square footage to dedicate space in their kitchen for an in-home coffee station and a separate dry bar. If you’re a bit tight for space, but you’d like a space for both, why not store all of your stimulating beverages together? In this Dilworth kitchen remodel that’s exactly what we did.


Optimize the efficiency of your kitchen design by combining your morning coffee station with your evening dry bar.

The left side of this 18” deep pantry cabinet wall hides the coffee station on a glass pull out tray. Liquor bottles and cocktail shakers take up residence out of the grandkids’ reach on the shelf above. Built-in pockets allow the cabinet doors to stow away when the espresso is brewing. Adjustable roll-out shelves below house coffee mugs, filters and sweeteners

3. Coffee Station Ideas for Entertaining

Another coffee station idea that may work for your kitchen design is a combination of the two above. In this example we used a bottomless cabinet with a flat roll-out shelf behind two bi-fold doors that swing out of the way when open.



To make it easier to pull the coffee shelf forward, we installed a 12” matching cabinet pull. For tips on choosing the best cabinet hardware for your kitchen remodel, check out this post.

As healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and big entertainers, this couple desired more space to house all of their various coffee and tea appliances. The custom 29” wide cabinet features adjustable shelves above. A wide bank of drawers below keeps their tea collection easily accessible for guests. Have you noticed a theme?

4. In-Home Coffee Stations Aren’t Just for Coffee

In an attempt to save their limited perimeter counter space for prep and landing zones, our design team dreamed up a true morning station for this growing family of five. Conveniently located next to the filtered water from the refrigerator, the coffee maker and toaster oven are hidden behind cabinet doors. As self-described coffee addicts, this couple can now brew a fresh cup when they’re whipping up breakfast toast for the kids or browning up flatbread pizzas for lunch.


A wider coffee bar tucked next to the refrigerator provides easy access to filtered water and serves double duty as a hiding place for the toaster oven.

5. Use the Opportunity to Add Extra Flair to Your Kitchen

Are you craving a little more unique character in your kitchen? Here’s a few more coffee station ideas to consider creating that uniqueness you’re looking for. 

Last year a lot of people were missing their morning coffee runs when we all had to stay home. Whether you continue to work from home or end up going back to the office in the near future, including an in-home coffee station as part of your kitchen design is always a great idea. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or overly complicated – just a designated place to assist your morning routine is all you need. And just think – skipping the drive through will save you time, money and cut down on carbon emissions. That’s a win any way you look at it.

When you’re ready to discuss how to create an intentional and practical kitchen design to take your living to the next level, fill out this short form and one of our team members will reach out shortly!